FreeJapaneseCalligraphy日本習字 こども無料体験教室 開催いたします。
Free Japanese calligraphy trial lesson for kids(Age 4+ students). Book now!

31st March 2016, Between 16:30-18:00
Swiss Cottage Community Centre, London NW3 3NR


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Maison Assouline

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Philip Mould Gallery

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Kashuu demonstrated Japanese calligraphy at the restaurant launch at  Aman Hotel in Marrakech, Morocco.


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Happy New Year!

cropped-NewYearCard2016.jpgHappy New Year!
May this year be an amazing one for you.
                                                     Kashuu x

-Class in January 2016 –
Traditional New Year’s resolution writing

Kids class: 28th January 16:15-17:15/16:30-17:30

   Adults class:  6th, 13th, 23rd January 19:00-20:30

@Swiss cottage community Centre NW3 3NR
Booking essential thorough website or Email at

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Big thanks!

We had a great success at Japan Matsuri Festival 2015!  We had so many visitors at calligraphy workshop and students’ exhibition all day.
The students also did a wonderful job in front of a large audience. They wrote the opening part of a famous classic essay called Tsurezure gusa written by the Buddhist monk Yoshida Kenko.

“Having nothing to do,
I have spent the whole day before this ink stone,
jotting down at random whatever nonsensical thoughts that have entered my head,
this is truly a queer and crazy thing to do.”

Thank you all for your hard work and supporting us!


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Japan Matsuri Festival 2015

K11539587_10153644971173268_1206902750429167958_nashuu Japanese calligraphy will be at Japan Matsuri 2015! The biggest Festival of Japanese culture wilI be held on 19th September in Trafalgar square.
Come and look at our mini-exhibition and demonstrations by students of both kids and adults class. During the day we offer small calligraphy workshops for visitors. Learn how to write Japanese characters in beautiful Japanese calligraphy. Find out more info at

Time table
10:30-17:00 Japanese calligraphy exhibition by students
11;00-13:30 Free pop in workshops
14:00-14:30 Japanese calligraphy demonstration by students
15;00-16:00 Free pop in workshops
Location:   Family activity tent
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A Kids Class in July

5-12yr are already improving in many ways after a month or less of  practice. Please take a look!

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Suntory Whiskey HIBIKI サントリー 響 

Suntory’s 3 days Pop-up bar at Soho Revue on Tanabata day.suntorya6c6c3a2


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こども書道教室  スイスコテージ教室・イーリーング教室



  • 対象年令:5歳~18歳
  • 言語:日本語、英語(お子様の柔軟性を活かして基本的に必要な場合以外には英語は使わず、日本語が苦手なお子様にもわかりやすく日本語でお稽古をしてゆっくりと環境に慣れていただきます。)
  • 月謝: 月二回£30、 月四回£60
  • 入会費: £8
  • 年会費: 半年 £31、 一年 £56

水曜日16:00~17:00 * 時間外をご希望の際はお問合わせ下さい
St Andrew’s Church, Mount Park Road, Ealing, London, W5 2RS (Ealing Broadway 駅より徒歩5分)

木曜日 16:15~17:15 * 時間外をご希望の際はお問合わせ下さい
Swiss cottage Community Centre, London NW3 3NR (駅より徒歩1分)


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