Shodo lessons in August 落款印


3 weeks course (3rd, 10th, 17th August)

You will be making your own name seal which you stamp onto all your calligraphy work. Each stamp is unique and nobody else can have the same seal design. The purpose of putting your individual seal on your art is for certification and it also makes your work stand out making the art work look more complete and authentic.

More importantly, the seal is the artists unique signature, and by placing this on your work, you are taking responsibility for the design.

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Japanese Art Festival ロンドン日本芸術祭

9th – 10th July 2011
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL
Shodo workshop
11:00- 12:00, 14:00-15:00

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Aid for Japan 東日本大震災チャリティ

15th May 2011  (Day) 10:00-16:30  (Evening)18:00-23:00
Calligraphy workshop      11:10-12:10/ 14:30-15:30
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL
All the money will be donated to The Red Cross to help the victims of the Japanese Earthquake
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Imperial College London ロンドンインペリアル大学

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Japanese Culture Festival 文化祭 

Shodo Workshop at Bunka sai
Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square
Bunkasai homepage
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Mother’s Day 母の日

Make a special Japanese Calligraphy Mother’s Day card!

This is fundraising workshop.  All the money will be donated to The Red Cross to help the victims of the Japanese Earthquake.
 You will write either “I love you, Mum”(left) or “Love”(right)
 Time:  Wednesday 30th March     16:30-17:30     18:00-19:00
Fee: Free  (Donations will go to The Japan Red Cross) 
Place:  Oxford Street London
 Thank you all very much for coming to the workshop and donating for Japan tsunami Appeal.

 I hope you all had a good time and that you could learn a little bit more about one form of Japanese art. We raised £130 and 10 Euros
between the two workshops. 
 It might not be a big amount of money to solve the serious problems that are confronting Japan but I believe that even small events like this offer help and support to the Japanese people. Those Japanese survivors, especially, who are worrying about their loved ones or who are struggling to cope in their grief will be comforted by our message that they are not alone.
Thank you again for your interest in Japanese calligraphy and your generous thoughts for Japan.
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Charity event 震災チャリティイベント

Thank you very much for your donation! 


Date: Saturday 26th March 11am-3pm
Venue: The people’s super market , 72-78 Lamb’s Conduit Street London WC1N 3LP
Music Performance
11:30- 13:00   Contemporary Japanese music
13:30-15:00   Hideaki Domon,  a professional quitarist and a busker
Calligraphy  Demonstration
11:00-15:00   By Kashuu, a master of Japanese calligraphy
Martial arts
12:00-12:50   Karate & Aikido by SOAS Dentokan Karate Club and SOAS Airenjuku Aikido
13:10- 14:00  Karate & Aikido by SOAS Dentokan Karate Club and SOAS Airenjuku Aikido
Food menus
Sushi rolls, rice balls, Tonjiru soup(Pork and Miso soup), Nikujaga(Simmered potatoes and meat in soy sauce), Daigaku imo(Candied sweet potates) and more!
All the revenue on the day will be donated for eathquake and Tsunami survivors through the Japanese Red Cross and Koto-lb, a social enterprise based in Yokohama. Please come and Join the Japan Day and pray for Japan!
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  • 対象年令:5歳~18歳
  • 言語:日本語、英語(お子様の柔軟性を活かして基本的に必要な場合以外には英語は使わず、日本語が苦手なお子様にもわかりやすく日本語でお稽古をしてゆっくりと環境に慣れていただきます。)
  • 月謝: 月二回£30、 月四回£60
  • 入会費: £8
  • 年会費: 半年 £31、 一年 £56


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Japanese Calligraphy Class for Kids

Kids class group2The Japanese Calligraphy Class for Kids is designed to learn from the basics of Japanese calligraphy as well as creating a piece of Japanese calligraphy art. Our Japanese calligraphy class creates the opportunity for children and teens to learn Japanese culture and language through learning calming art of Japanese calligraphy.

The class is for both Japanese and non Japanese speakers. Students will be taught the techniques from a Master of Japanese calligrapher with one-to-one guidances tailored to each student’s needs and progress. The students will also get grades like Karate, Judo etc. and enrol in competitions.

Time:            16:15-  Thursdays (one hour)
Suitability:  5-18 year-olds
Lesson Fee: £60 (4 times a month)
Membership fee: £31 (6 months) , £56 (1 year)  
Enrolment fee: £8     
Place:          Swiss Cottage Community Centre London NW3 3NR (One minute walk from station) 
(Ealing & Finchley classes are opening soon)

BOOKING ESSENTIAL.  For more information and to book the lessons, please contact Kashuu at

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Mazda Event Berlin 2010 マツダ自動車

I was asked to perform for Mazda in Germany at their event and I met so many wonderful and talented people – other artists, technicians, employees at Mazda. 

The show they created was fantastic and moving. It was very nice to know about all the different kind of professionals and their work.

Also I was very happy to see the shows of the taiko (Japanese drum) drummer, Mr Motofuji.  The sounds from this perticular drum he makes simply came straight to my heart. It is very difficult to describe it – very energetic and exciting but also nostalgic.  It was really lovely to talk about Japanese traditonal arts with different kind of artists as well.

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Manchester Cultural Festival 2010

Thank you all for coming along to the Manchester Cultural Festival.  Some people exparienced writing their names in Japanese calligraphy and some wrote their favourite words. I was very impressed how beautifully they all wrote Japanese for the very first time!

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How Japanese calligraphy is made

I am often asked the question: It’ll take probably 1 min to write one word so why is Japanese calligraphy so expensive?”  There are many reasons;

: A good Japanese calligraphy paper is not so cheep – it really depends but one type of paper I often use is about £100 for 50 sheets.

: You’ll almost never be able to draw the final finished piece  on your first attempt. I will usually draw at least 50 sheets easily to get “perfect” one. (The Japanese calligrapher puts spirit into one word and this needs a lot of concentration to express it, so I sometimes feel mad at the end of day…!) After I have practiced over and over again, I will choose a few of the best pieces and leave them over night, and the next day, with fresh sight and new energy, I finally decide which one to use. I hate it when I have to show people my first drawings and I really don’t like looking at them! People always say to me that they look good, but for me, it is as embarrassing as going out with no make up on!

: Calligraphy work is not simply about drawing on the paper. It isn’t completed without “Urauchi” and “Hyousou”. Calligraphy paper is very thin (unlike copy paper), so if you write something with watery calligraphy ink, it gets wavy when it dries. So you need to do Urauchi to make it stronger, adding a thicker paper. It is a very sensitive process which takes 2 to 3 days at least, so usually people ask a professional to do it. I then do Hyousou which is decorating the art with suitable traditional paper or normal wedged frames. This frame is very important to make the work outline. You must remember the frames are not main but the art.

1.Make paper wet, straigh-    2. Glue the Urauchi Paper
ten the paper and remove      and gently leave it on the
the air from middle to              calligraphy work. 
outside very carefully. 
3. Put thicker glue on the        4.choose the right
edge of paper, and paste         frame for the work
it on the board.
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Tattoo design: Terms and conditions

1. The tattoo design will be sent you via email as an attachment file usually within 2 weeks after confirming the receipt of the fee. (If you need the design urgently please write it down in the “message” section).
2. When making your order, we require the full sum to be paid in advance before the work is carried out.
3. The fee is £99 per word or £149 for a sentence.(whether in Japanese or English – we can translate without additional fee) the fee may vary depending on complicity and length of the word/sentence.
4. We will accept Bank or Paypal transfers. 3.34 % transition fee plus 20p will be added if you pay using Paypal.
5. Once receiving your application form, we will email you and ask more questions to understand and make sure we understand how you would like your tattoo. Because we work to your exact specification, the fee is non-refundable. Please ensure you communicate what you would like as clearly as possible. We will not re-design except for in exceptional circumstances

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