Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I wish you a year filled with love, good health and peace.




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Panasonic パナソニック

Panasonic launch event was held in July at ICA Gallery in London.

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Art in Action

Four days event in Oxfordshire.  To learn, buy and enjoy, exhibitions, classes and performances by 400 demonstrating artists, teachers, musicians and performers from all over the world.

Japanese calligraphy performance-  word: “Love and respect”


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Fukushima Garden in Holland Park 福島庭園

7月24日ロンドンのホーランド・パークにて、東日本大震災と福島第一原発事故からの復興を願って建設された日本庭園「福島庭園」の開園式が行われ、「福島庭園」のサインを書かせていただきました。Fukushima Garden


The opening ceremony of Fukushima garden took a place at Holland park in London on the 24th of July. I wrote the name of the park.  The garden is a tribute in support of the reconstructive efforts made after the March 2011 quake, tsunami and nuclear disasters in the Tohoku region. The park has another Japanese garden, Kyoto Garden, which Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visited during their trip to Britain in May for Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

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Free Trial 無料体験

FreeJapaneseCalligraphy日本習字 こども無料体験教室 開催いたします。
Free Japanese calligraphy trial lesson for kids(Age 4+ students). Book now!

31st March 2016, Between 16:30-18:00
Swiss Cottage Community Centre, London NW3 3NR

email: enquiries@kashuucalligraphy.com

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3.11 Tsunami 1 Year Aniversary 東日本大震災一周年イベント

Thanks to all of your support! We have raised 4467 at Bunka sai (Japanese cultural festival) on 11 March 2012.We not only raised a large amount of money for The Aid for Japan, I also had a great time taking part alongside other fantastic stage performers and artists.





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Happy New Year 謹賀新年

皆様に輝かしい新年のお慶びを申し上げます。 2012 is the year of dragon in Chinese and Japanese calender. May 2012 bring a lot of happiness and joy for you. Kashuu
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Toyota Lexus

I will be in Lincoln celebrating the launch of the new Toyota Lexus NX model on 11th October.




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Had spent exhausting but wonderful 4 days by performing all day at Art in Action in Oxfordshire.   Art in Action started in 1977, and each year during the event, artists and crafts men from all over the world openly demonstrate their skills and discuss their work.We had over 28,000 visitors in four days and  I met so many so lovely inspiring people!



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Shodo lessons in August 落款印


3 weeks course (3rd, 10th, 17th August)

You will be making your own name seal which you stamp onto all your calligraphy work. Each stamp is unique and nobody else can have the same seal design. The purpose of putting your individual seal on your art is for certification and it also makes your work stand out making the art work look more complete and authentic.

More importantly, the seal is the artists unique signature, and by placing this on your work, you are taking responsibility for the design.

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