A Kids Class in July

5-12yr are already improving in many ways after a month or less of  practice. Please take a look!

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Suntory Whiskey HIBIKI サントリー 響 

Suntory’s 3 days Pop-up bar at Soho Revue on Tanabata day.suntorya6c6c3a2


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こども書道教室  スイスコテージ教室・イーリーング教室



  • 対象年令:5歳~18歳
  • 言語:日本語、英語(お子様の柔軟性を活かして基本的に必要な場合以外には英語は使わず、日本語が苦手なお子様にもわかりやすく日本語でお稽古をしてゆっくりと環境に慣れていただきます。)
  • 月謝: 月二回£30、 月四回£60
  • 入会費: £8
  • 年会費: 半年 £31、 一年 £56

水曜日16:00~17:00 * 時間外をご希望の際はお問合わせ下さい
St Andrew’s Church, Mount Park Road, Ealing, London, W5 2RS (Ealing Broadway 駅より徒歩5分)

木曜日 16:15~17:15 * 時間外をご希望の際はお問合わせ下さい
Swiss cottage Community Centre, London NW3 3NR (駅より徒歩1分)


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Japanese Calligraphy Class for Kids starts from June! (Swiss Cottage branch)

Kids class group2The Japanese Calligraphy Class for Kids is designed to learn from the basics of Japanese calligraphy as well as creating a piece of Japanese calligraphy art. Our Japanese calligraphy class creates the opportunity for children and teens to learn Japanese culture and language through learning calming art of Japanese calligraphy.

The class is for both Japanese and non Japanese speakers. Students will be taught the techniques from a Master of Japanese calligrapher with one-to-one guidances tailored to each student’s needs and progress. The students will also get grades like Karate, Judo etc. and enrol in competitions.

Time:            16:15-  Thursdays (one hour)
Suitability:  5-18 year-olds
Lesson Fee: £60 (4 times a month)
Membership fee: £31 (6 months) , £56 (1 year)  
Enrolment fee: £8     
Place:          Swiss Cottage Community Centre London NW3 3NR (One minute walk from station) 
(Ealing/Acton branch is coming soon)

BOOKING ESSENTIAL.  For more information and to book the lessons, please contact Kashuu at enquiries@kashuucalligraphy.com

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Toyota Lexus

DSC_2032I will be in Lincoln celebrating the launch of the new Toyota Lexus NX model on 11th October!




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Happy 2014!

Happy New Year!

I wish you a year filled with love, good health and peace.




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Panasonic launch event was held in July at ICA Gallery in London.

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Hyper Japan Shodo workshop

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Happy New Year! 2013 謹賀新年


snake new year card

2013 is the year of snake. The snakes are symbols of economic fortune and also regeneration and are believed to reborn as a new person since the snakes shed its skin.

May 2013 bring you and your family good health, a lot of happiness and good amount of money!

今年は巳年ですね。 蛇は金運や、脱皮することから再生の象徴、新しい自分に生まれ変わる人生の転機となる年のようです。

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Art in Action 2012

Inspired by the simple principle that people are fascinated when artists and craftsmen openly demonstrate their skills and discuss their work, Art in Action was born. Apx 25,000 visitors come over four days to learn, buy and enjoy, exhibitions, classes and performances of 400 demonstrating artists, teachers, musicians and performers.

Shodo demonstration

Love and Respect

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