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Tattoo1If you are thinking about having a Japanese tattoo, I would like to offer some guidance and tips for you – after all, this is something that will adorn your body for the rest of your life.
Firstly, many people believe that all Japanese people can draw a suitable design for you. But, in the same way that some people have poor handwriting, you have to choose somebody that can draw calligraphy well.
Secondly, please avoid choose your design from the internet(or tattoo magazines) by yourself – there are lots of incorrect/bad drawings and meanings on the internet and magazines that are drawn by non Japanese/Chinese people and unprofessionals. Also it isn’t known well but there are some Kanji characters you should not use for the names so make sure to go to a reliable Japanese calligrapher or ask a Japanese person if it looks OK.  Also it is good idea to ask your tattooist where they gets their design from.

Our tattoo designs are available from £98. Please read Terms and conditions and complete enquiry from below.

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Term and conditions

1. The tattoo design will be sent you via email as an attachment file usually within 2 weeks after confirming the receipt of the fee. (If you need the design urgently please write it down in the “message” section).
2. When making your order, we require the full sum to be paid in advance before the work is carried out.
3. The fee is £99 per word or £149 for a sentence.(whether in Japanese or English – we can translate without additional fee) The fee may vary depending on complicity and length of the word/sentence.
4. We will accept Bank or Paypal transfers. 3.34 % transition fee plus 20p will be added if you pay using Paypal.
5. Once receiving your application form, we will email you and ask more questions to understand and make sure we understand how you would like your tattoo. Because we work to your exact specification, the fee is non-refundable. Please ensure you communicate what you would like as clearly as possible. We will not re-design except for in exceptional circumstances.



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