Order Bespoke Art

How to order bespoke art and products

1.Send the enquiry form   Tell us your idea and requirements using the enquiry form below, including any images of how you would like the work to look (such as strong, energetic, smooth, soft etc.), the context in which you will use the art, deadline and your budget. Please tell as much detail as possible as this will give us the inspiration for your unique and special design.

2.Consultaion   We will look at your ideas, and generate some thoughts as to how we can help you.  We will email you including several suggestions and also some price guidelines and timescales for completion of your design. Our aim is to please you, and in order to make your design as perfect as possible, we may  consult with you several times during this process until we fully understand the image you have in mind. Once we have agreed on the final design, price and timescale, we will issue an invoice.

3.Deposit  Deposit of payment to Kashuu Japanese Calligraphy. You can pay via bank transfer or Paypal. (Paypal charges you 0.34 % transition fee plus 20p.)

4.Produce  After confirming receipt of your deposit, we will start making the product and send to you within the agreed timescale.

5.Delivery  We will send the product or email the image of your design with the agreed timescale.

Bespoke design price examples(personal)

      -A4 size (21cm x 30cm)   £500-
      -A3 size (30cm x 40cm)   £1000-
      -A2 size (40cm x 60cm)   £1500-
      -A1 size (64cm x 91cm)   £2500-
 The price may vary depending on complicity and length of the word/sentence. Price does not include frames. Please ask for different sizes, business & commercial  bespoke design.

Bespoke Art Enquiry Form

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Your Budget

The word(s) you want:

Size and quantity of the product

Is there any special meaning to the word(s)?

How do you want the character look? (e.g. Soft, flowing, strong, neat, powerful) Please write the title of the artwork if you have your favorite in Gallery section.








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